Thursday, March 31, 2011

Videos on Super Cool Foldables!

I couldn't wait until next Wednesday to share this. The main site for the ladies in these videos is
These videos demonstrate how to make "Person Books", story gloves (which are my favorite!), circle cubes, and stretch books! These are wonderful!

Hope you enjoy!

Person Book

Stretch Book

Story Gloves

Circle Cubes


Amy said...


Thank you so much for sharing this! I LOVE the stretchy books. They look so nice and they are super easy to make! I also like the circle cubes. I use cubes a lot and I am never happy with folding the little tabs. This looks nicer and so much easier!!!

I'm going to use the stretchy books tomorrow for an Explorers Report with my third graders and a book report summary with my 2nd grader!

Thanks again!!!


Amanda K. said...

Yay! So glad you are going to use them! Please post or send me pics of them!

Amy said...

So I used them on Tuesday... we had off today so I intended to post some pics but my youngest son got very sick.

I'll post some pics soon, but I made the stretchy books. Couple things I noticed. I used construction paper. Not a good idea. After we were done it was hard to fold back up. The best one was one I made out of colored copy paper. I used it for a how to sequence writing with my ELL 2nd grader. I cut out squares from cardstock and glued them in middle for him to write his how to steps in sequence.

All of my students loved them and just the book alone motivated them. They couldn't wait to finish them and take them home!