Monday, April 4, 2011

Back from Spring Break...

Next week is our state testing, and I had many-a-cute review games planned and made for today. I worked on them all spring break! HOWEVER...the kids were all asleep or came in late this morning. I had to do a mini-exercise class just to get them out of the zombie state.

Then...bad rains came and my ceiling began to LEAK...I spent my afternoon pulling things away from the waterfalls coming down and scrambling for buckets.

Middle Tennessee Radar Image

Oh spring break..why were you so short?


Julie said...

You poor thing!! My mother n law is staying with my sister n law in Franklin, TN. I guess poor mom spent time in the bathroom due to tornado warnings. Yuck! I hope you managed to save all your stuff.

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Amanda K. said...

Me too!

Kelley said...

Boo! My kids were like that after break too. Heres to finishing that testing!