Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Book Whisperer

    Excitement flows through me every time I open the front door and see a box with that Amazon logo on the side. I posted about the books I planned to read this summer, and The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child was my number 1 pick. Mainly because I had read so many articles referencing this book. I sat down at 2:00 to read this book, and I finished 5 minutes ago...11:49. I read until supper, ate, and then began reading again. I had to watch a few shows, but I kept grabbing this book when the show got boring or a commercial came on.
The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child
  I never was a reader growing up. Don't get me wrong, I read some books in middle and high school I loved, but I could count the number of those books on one hand.

  I fell in love with children's books during college. I had a wonderful instructor who let each of us choose a children's book a week and then share with everyone our feelings of the book.

Then...came Harry Potter. I have to admit, I had never read any of the books. I fell completely in love with the movies. After seeing Half Blood Prince with my dad the summer it came out, I was hooked! I could not wait another year to see what was going to happen. So I immediately went to Barnes and Noble and bought Deathly Hallows. This book is 759 pages long. I read it in 48 hours.

This book sparked my love for books. It is so sad it took that long, and after reading The Book Whisperer I remember why. Growing up, I don't ever remember reading books I chose at school. I remember bringing home If You Give a Mouse a Cookie everyday, and reading it before I went to bed. BUT that is it!

PLEASE, please, please- read The Book Whisperer! I cannot emphasize enough how well written it is. Donalyn Miller writes beautifully, so it doesn't seem like a regular professional book. It reads like a memior/novel with classroom/teaching "suggestions".

I recommend this book if you teach 2nd and up, but any and every teacher should read this in their lifetime.

Okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox. I am headed off to begin my summer read #2 (pleasure book #1) Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright.
 Thimble Summer


Julie said...

Alright Amanda K.! I'll head right over and buy it. I love your enthusiasm! I have seen this book on several summer reading lists. I have a co-worker who doesn't understand the importance of choice in reading. She says she does but I think she see Daily 5 read around the room time as a teacher free time vs. the very important time that it is. Choice is how you build passion. Get them hooked on their just right book and they will never look back. I'm going to loan her this book this summer. :)

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Nancy Wilson said...

Hi, waiting for my package to arrive from Amazon! They said they shipped it already. Reading your post made me feel even better about having ordered this book! I got the two adverb books in the 'words are CATagorical' series to get the free shipping! I'm looking forward to reading the book! Thanks for sharing! Thanks, Nancy

Ashleigh said...

I'm convinced too, and I'm not even technically teaching reading next year. I've heard a lot about it, so it must be time for me to head on to Amazon.

Nancy Wilson said...

Just got my box from Amazon when I got home tonight! :) Looking forward to starting, but priority right now is report cards :( school's out in just under two weeks!
Thanks, Nancy
The Apple Basket Teacher

Chickadees said...

A top 10 most influential books in my teaching career! I am SO thankful that my principal allows me the freedom to veer a little from the prescribed curriculum:-)

Katie said...

I was playing in Barnes and Noble when I saw this book and remembered your blog. So I sat down on the floor and opened it. Twenty minutes later I looked up and realized I was sitting on the floor in Barnes and Noble! So I bought it and I can't wait to read the rest of it.

Angelia said...

I just started this book yesterday, and I'm on Chapter 4. I love it so far. Some TBA authors are planning on doing a book study this summer about the book. I'll be hosting Chapter 2.

I also responded to your Jodi Piccoult question on my blog!