Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok something is terribly wrong with my blogger account. (It is malfunctioning EVEN when I want to post!)
I looked up the issue on google and apparently MANY people are having the SAME problem as I am. I can't post a comment on ANYONE'S blogs.

I need to scream.

So here is what I have been wanting to say on some of your posts:

1. Leanne (Life in 4B)- your kiddos "Ode to Fruits and Veggies" poems are great! I want to do this next year when we are learning about adjectives!

2. Rachelle (What the Teacher Wants)- I do not get to teach about the Civil War in third. (Jealous!) But I passed this along to our wonderful 5th grade teacher who does! I also love your Summer to Do List! Thanks for sharing! You rock!

3. Julie (Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher)- I thought about ya today when I was at CVS. You have me hooked. :)

4. Kelley (Mrs. Randall's Learning Library)- I hope your packing has gone well! I got your email. THANKS!

Love my bloggy friends!

1 full day of school 2 hours on Saturday.



Dana said...

Oh, Amanda! That sounds ridiculously frustrating! I'm going through some technilogical problems of my own (external hard drive with MY LIFE on it decided not to work 2 days ago). So I feel your pain. I hope things work out. :)

3rd Grade Gridiron

Hadar said...

ummm Yes! I'm having that same problem! Except only on my computer! Luckily my dad is on a business trip and I can use his ;) Not really sure what I would do otherwise!?!?


Rachelle said...

Oh man! Blogger problems are HORRIBLE! Thanks for the shout out! I'll tell Natalie {she wrote the post}. Love your blog!

Julie said...

You are too funny! I'm sorry you're having problems. I love that you commented in your own post. I hope you got some good stuff at CVS. I'm pretty crazy cuz I'm going to attempt to go in there today with all three of my kids!!! AHHHHH!!! It's going to be ugly. I'm having problems too. I can't see my followers and I don't think people can follow me right now. I'm not even sure who to email or who to ask to fix it.

I hope you get up and at it soon cuz I love to hear from you!!
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher