Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of the year!

Well today (SATURDAY) was our last day of school . The kids came up to get their report cards, and afterwards I was EXHAUSTED! I'm going to miss my babies!

 Some of you may remember that my classroom has MANY ceiling leak issues! It happend again this past week, and let me tell you..HOT mess! I had to throw away a ton of books and clipboards. Bummer. Now my room smells like sour milk. Hopefully over the summer I will get new carpet. *Fingers crossed!

Here's the good WONDERFUL news....

My very good friend and AMAZING teacher Leigh is moving down to third grade! One of our third grade teachers decided she wanted to retire on Friday. I'm so happy for her, but I will miss her terribly. Having Leigh move down helped me feel better about next year.

Here's the bad news...
Like many of you, I cannot see my followers! People also cannot follow me! Oh no.! And I'm so close to 100!

Anyone know how to fix this horrible problem???

I hope if you're already out, you're enjoying your summer! If you have more time...I hope it goes by quickly!

I plan on posting some summer to do's and a list of things I'm going to try next year soon!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!



Dana said...

Oh no, Amanda! The leak issues sounds ridiculous. How sad to have to throw away some of your things and have a stinky classroom. I'll keep my fingers crossed as well hoping you get new carpet.

As far as the followers issue, I have it too! I heard that you have to delete your cookies and then the followers will show up again. But I did that and it didn't work. :( So if you figure out how to bring them back, let me know! And I'll do the same!

Enjoy your summer!

3rd Grade Gridiron

Nancy Wilson said...

I've been having problems with leaving comments. It makes me wonder about my giveaway...if people haven't been able to leave comments to enter :( I've wanted to enter some giveaways & I can't see if I'm a follower or not on the other blogs:( I can see yours right now...I'm one of 93 following! Thanks, Nancy
The Apple Basket Teacher

Julie said...

I'm sorry about the stink issue!! I see your followers right now. I wonder if people can still follow if they go to the top left bar across from the sign in?
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Katie said...

A leaking ceiling sounds awful! I am having issues seeing my followers as well!
Happy Summer!!

Hadar said...

Try this!

Leigh King said...

Thank you, Amanda for the wonderful compliment!! I am sooo excited about teaching with my BFF (as Katie says!)....I know we will rock third grade!!