Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonderful Website Wednesday

Well I know April is almost over, but there is still more time to celebrate Poetry Month! One of my favorite websites is Giggle Poetry. There are tons of super cute and funny poems that my third graders have fallen in love with.

My favorite part is the Poetry Readers Theater. I did these for fluency practice for homework, and my kids begged for more.

A teacher (can't remember her name) uses many of these for visualization lessons. She has her students keep poetry notebooks. They read the poem everyday together. On Fridays the kids glue them into their notebooks and illustrate their poems. The kids can share and talk about how their mental images were different.

Have fun and always remember to laugh in the classroom!



Stacey said...

Great ideas for poetry!

Shelley Gray said...

I love Giggle Poetry too! One of my goals with my fourth graders last year was to use the poems and have them act them out with props, but I never got to it....