Sunday, April 17, 2011

Synonym and Antonym Egg Hunt

One of my favorite blogs is Saylor's Log. She is a first grade teacher, but I have used so many of her ideas in my third grade classroom! I just bump them up to our level. One of my favorite ideas of her's is her Synonym and Antonym Egg Hunt. We did this activity the day before state testing began. It was a fabulous way to review dificult vocabulary words and reinforce the meaning of "synonyms" and "antonyms". For some reason my kiddos had a very difficult time remembering which were the "same" and "opposite"....even when I constantly gave them the hint of "Sssssame" "Ssssynonym"...go figure.

BUT AFTER this there was no longer a problem! My kiddos had a blast. 

How to: I printed off a pair of either synonyms or antonyms on labels and stuck them to a plastic egg. I put Scotch tape over the label so it would last longer. The kids got into partners and labeled a half sheet of paper 1-23...(that's how many eggs I made...random number but who cares?)

The kids walk around and find each egg. They write S for synonym or A for antonym by the number of egg they chose. When they were finished we went over each pair. So much fun!

And I made the mistake of throwing a couple of eggs under this pointy plant. One of my kiddos got poked. I couldn't help giggle because he ran up on the egg with so much excitement. He just didn't see the "pokey things" as he called it.



Kim said...

I am so glad your class had fun! We did too! I love when can actually have a little fun in our jam packed curriculum! Hope your testing went well! I taught thrid grade for 5 years, I know what is like!

Stacey said...

What a fun idea! We did an egg hunt last Friday with math problems inside them that are similar to our state testing. It was a great way to continue preparing without sitting and doing worksheets.

Kelley said...

That is such a great idea! I need easter eggs stat!

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea for reinforcing vocabulary! Thanks for sharing.