Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Shelf That Has Changed My Life...

A teacher friend of mine was getting rid of this HUGE shelf last year, so of course I took it off her hands. I was going to implement "Book Boxes" (modeled after the Two Sisters) , and I needed somewhere to put them....PERFECT! It was this ugly taupe color, so I painted it black. I call it "THE Shelf". It basically holds their book boxes AND community supplies: staples, stapler, extra crayons, writing paper, notebook paper, sharp/dull pencil boxes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses. I love this because the kids are not coming up to me asking for "stuff". They know where to find it, and they get it.

           (Excuse the darkness of the picture...New camera= still not 100% on how to fix the lighting)

Also, on the top you will see trays that (usually) hold reading response sheets. My kiddos choose one each day to write in response to reading.

More pics of my room are soon to come. I had a mini-waterfall disaster, so my ceiling is in need of repair. Things are pulled away from the disaster zone, and it is a HOT MESS!



Lorena said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm on the lookout for a shelf like that. I have so many book bins and other things that lack a home right now in my classroom. Would love to see more of your classroom

Kelley said...

Can't wait to see more classroom pics!


LjP said...

I love that shelf! This summer you can give my room a makeover! Love you neighbor!!

Fern Smith said...

This is great! "Upcycle" is the new, cool, trendy thing to do! {According to my 16 y/o} Teachers have been doing it forever! :)
Thanks for the pictures, I love your site!