Monday, April 11, 2011

No More Groans when they hear..."Review"

So my dear friend that teaches fourth grade this year shared this amazing review game with me that I just had to share with you!

This game doesn't have a name, so we called it the "No Name Game". Maybe you could help?!?!?

1. Take a normal test (front page only) and make enough copies of each page for each student.
2. Cut the questions apart.

3. You will need a numbered bucket, basket, or some type of container. Place each question with its appropriate bucket.
4. Students will go to a question, answer it, then bring it to you to check.
5. If they get the question correct, they write their name on the question slip of paper, fold it up VERY tightly, and put it in the corresponding bucket. If they get it wrong, they get ONE more chance to find the right answer. They can come back up to you again. If they get it right, they put it in the bucket. If they get it wrong, you mark it and they put it in their pocket for further review later.

6. When everyone is finished you go around to each bucket and draw out two (or whatever # you want) names from each bucket. I give the students whose names I draw out a piece of candy. I rarely give out candy, so they tend to think it's a big deal. It is so cute because they cheer for each child whose name was chosen. So sweet and hilarious!

Something I have learned after doing this twice...
If they don't fold up the slips of paper very tight, kids can see the correct answers by glancing in the bucket.

My solutions:
1. I could get enough empty cube shaped tissue boxes for the correct answer receptacles. This way they cannot sneak a peak at the correct answer.
2. The easier solution that literally just popped into my brain---Place the question slips over at the other empty desks. If they get the question correct ..then and only then can they go over to the bucket. (I like this solution much better!)

My kiddos LOVE this so much! You will not hear moans or groans when reviewing. I hope you can find some way to use this in your room as well.



Kelley said...

Oh my gosh, I love this idea! I was just complaining about how boring my kids thought our test prep. review was today. I need to get some buckets fast! Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

This looks super cool!!
Thanks for the ideas!

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Amanda K. said...

I got my buckets at Target in the dollar section!

SunDrop said...

Thank you so much for the idea! My kids will love this!

Hadar said...

Ok, I love this idea!!!! Those buckets are so cute. :)


Luria Learning said...

What a fabulous idea. I can't wait to try it in the classroom. I love how the students get immediate feedback on if they are correct or not!


Melissa C. said...

How about calling it "Drops in the bucket!"

Amanda K. said...

We thought of that (my kiddos and I), but then one of my smarties said, "Miss Smith, we can't do that. That is "plagerizement". It's copywritten." (So cute, and maybe true.)

Brittany Casteel said...

How about the Lucky Bucket game? This is a great review game that I plan on using soon!!!

Cristin A said...

I've used a similar method to this game. We called it TEst baggies. Each student had their own Baggie with each question slip in it. They reach in and choose one. They can even put it back if they don't want to answer it yet. After they answer, they take it to a "checker" student who checks it. If they get it right, the checker adds their name to the slip with the student's and put it in a big bucket. Every 10 minutes I would draw 3-5 slips. Those student choose a prize (donated by parents-pencils, erasers, snacks, etc). The student and checker get to choose. I work with students who miss a question to explain it. I get 1-1 time with the kids who need it and the others have fun reviewing.:)

Unknown said...

We played this today in math. It was great movement in the classroom and kept everyone engaged. I called it the "Laundry Game" because when they go home and do their laundry, they will find their problems they missed and should study :) Thanks for the fun game!

Tina Duckwall said...

I have done this is another way but just bought me some containers to do this activity YOUR way -- love it. Any time you can get the kids up and moving, they are happy.

Karen Mallard said...

What a cool way to review! Can't wait to share it with all the teachers I know.
This could be done with several subjects.

Ann Scott said...

Cute game! I know the kiddos will love being able to move around the room to do it.

Marcy Howe said...

Simple and effective...the best type of game. Thanks for sharing a great idea!

Courtney Rubio said...

I love the idea of this review game. I teach middle school (8th grade) social studies. My only concern is class size. Two of my classes are at 30 kids, any suggestions? How many students have you had doing it at once?