Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Literacy Stations

I feel blessed to have all my pull outs (resource, ESL, Title) at one time (the hour before we go home 1:15-2:15-love).

Kids aren't missing bits and pieces of lessons, and I AM not having to remember when to send who where. I was planning on doing Daily 5 rotations during this time, but then I found out about our state's adoption of the new "test" when we switch to common core in 2014.

Our kiddos will have to TYPE an essay of sorts, upload it to the internet, then later on DEFEND..that's right I said DEFEND their point of view. Ummm...I didn't even do this in college. Most Ph.D programs make you do this.

So our goal is to keep working on writing, especially persuasive essays, but also to find some time to teach the kids typing.

I was introduced to Dance Mat Typing by one of our special ed. teachers. I LOVE IT, and so do the kids!
dancing animal
1. It is free.
2. The main "character" who teaches you to type has a cute British accent.

So here are my new stations for our "enrichment" pull out time.
(1 hour)
1. Dance Mat Typing
2. Read to Self or Partner Reading
3. Word Work
4. Vocabulary  (adding vocab. to interactive notebooks, working on foldables, etc...)

Since I wasn't..cough...prepared for word work today they used pipe cleaners to make their spelling words.

Gross...crushed Goldfish. Excuse her mess.
Thought I'd share.


Tara said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll have to give this a try. Don't you just hate the pressure state assessments and tests put on the kids and teachers?!!! It makes me so sad and sick!! Kinda takes the fun out of teaching....

4th Grade Frolics

LjP said...

Oh pipe cleaners :) I need to check out the typing, too! Do you think the firsties can handle it??

Amanda K. said...

I don't know...maybe.