Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher Monday!

I am very excited about the new blog. Blog Hoppin' ! The idea is perfect! So today is "Meet the Teacher Monday", so here is a little bio for ya!

    I went to college (MTSU) in the same city as I grew up in! I started out as a pharmacy major...then changed to nursing. I realized as soon as I started a statistics class, it wasn't my thing. SOOO I then changed to psychology, and within a few months changed my mind again. I thought teaching might be something I could try. I decided on Early Childhood Education because I love the little ones.
     It was a challenging program, but I felt completely ready when I got to student teaching! My first placement was in Pre-k, and I absolutely loved it! It was a ton of fun, and the kids were precious! My second placement was in Shelbyville, TN in a third grade classroom. Shelbyville is about 30 minutes away from where I live. I was worried about student teaching in another town, but after one day those worries were all gone.
     I had an amazing supervising teacher, and I was in LOVE with the school. After a few weeks, I knew I wanted to teach there, so I asked if the principal could come watch me teach a lesson and give me an interview. She came a few days later, and after the lesson she offered me a job! It was only April and I had a REAL teaching job lined up for the fall!

    I felt so blessed. I am still there teaching third grade. It is a very small school, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Our school is very low income, but due to being Title I, we have lots of funds for those sweet kiddos! I love all of the technology at our fingertips. I feel like no matter what I can make the biggest impact on these kid's lives. I work with some of my best friends, and wake up looking forward to going to work everyday.
    So...that's my background, but here are some lil' tidbits:
Favorite Shows: I have alot! Mad Men,The Killing, Mike and Molly, The Big Bang Theory, 19 Kids and Counting...going to end it here, but I'm sure I am leaving out a few.

Favorite Hobbies: Cooking! I read/collect cookbooks. Some of my favorites are the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. I love to read, and I am addicted to my nook color!

 Favorite Sport: Baseball!!! Go Braves!   But I do love my college football. OF COURSE my blood runs ORANGE! But I always support our SEC teams!

 I love children's books like so many of you guys! I could sit for hours in the Barnes and Noble children's section. I love Arthur books, anything by Cythia Rylant, and of course sweet Patricia Polacco!

Things I cannot live without in my classroom: Mr. Sketch markers, my ELMO and Promethean board, felt tip pens, DIET COKE with lots of ICE!, and Post it notes!
I need to improve on organization!  I am constantly losing things around my room which makes me look unprepared.
I am as single as they come, but I know he is out there somewhere. I can't wait to have a little family of my own. I am currently saving for a house, which is frustrating. It will be worth it day.

I am so thankful for our little bloggy world we have! It has become a way to share ideas, frustrations, and laughs with amazing teachers around the nation.

Thanks so much to all those great teachers who make and share their wonderful ideas!

AND thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me!

                                                           Blog Hoppin


Anonymous said...

I love children's books too...I have quite a collection for my classroom :)

Katie said...

I was lucky like you and got my job while I was student teaching! Loving your blog!