Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Classroom Pictures

I have been promising to post pictures of my room, so here they are. You have to know a few things first:

1. I moved into a teacher's room who had been in there for thirty years, and she is a self proclaimed pack rack. I love her and miss working with her already. It took me a week to get rid of tons of...stuff I didnt...need.
2. The front door, computer table (legs), and TV stand were painted purple with gold, green, yellow, red, blue, and silver swirls....(going to end that comment there) I had a few AMAZING friends come and help me paint. I am so thankful for them!
3. Final Warning- I am still not completely finished. We have three weeks before our county is out for the Horse Show (Celebration- Walking Horse Show) Yeeessss I know, we just started this week, but the Horse Show is a huge deal in Shelbyville. I will post final pictures sometime in September.

I'm trying to not let everything overwhelm me.

Here is a before painting picture...I didn't take pictures of what it looked like before this stage because I care about my readers and didn't want you to pass out:

For some reason these pictures are fuzzy. Who knows!?!? I just need to break down and get a nice one, like the rest of you.

This is one side of my library. It's more of my reading nook. The shelves on the left will hold chapter book series. I also plan on painting the red shelf black to match the others. The huge bulletin board, the only one in my room, will be my CAFE board.

This is the main part of the classroom library. I have more books at home...staring at them now. I need to take them in but don't know if I have enough shelving. I haven't finished unpacking the books and sorting them. I have NEVER been this unprepared before. The kids don't know any difference because I haven't let them loose on the library yet. We are talking about how to take care of books tomorrow. We will also discuss how they are categorized.
The mess on the floor are some extra supplies I forgot to put away.
Note to self...clean that up tomorrow morning.

The wooden shelf in that corner actually got cleaned today by my sweet friend/assistant. It WILL be my writing materials area. (Thesauruses, dictionaries, writing paper, hole punch, date stamp, scissors, tape, baby name book, markers, sharpies, and their 4pocket writing folders.) Picture and details to come later. The tall tower of blue and red is the stack of book boxes. I'm still trying to figure out where we will place those. I used to have a shelf for them, but "someone" got a little book buying happy (@ Goodwill) this summer.
Ok, this looks bad, but I'm in survival mode this week. Just wait till next week. This is where my Every Day Counts math will go. VERY PUMPED about that. We went to training, and I fell in love with it. We haven't gotten our kits yet. They're suppose to be here before the Horse Show. Fingers crossed. Oh...that little white board to the very left is where I will write my "I can..." statements. More on that later.

This will be the meeting area (at the Promethean board). You also see the computers. I have 7 student computers. VERY BLESSED! My messy desk area is back there...somewhere. I won't bother you with that right now. It will eventually be recognizable. I'm student focused right now. The tubs are just supplies that I had the kids sort. Note to self..put those away tomorrow.

Here is the room from the front door. You can see my wonderful wall'-o-cabinets.

Just wanted to give you a quick look at the very RAW classroom. I will post more pictures when everything comes together.  Thanks for stopping by!



Kristen said...

Amanda you made me laugh so hard with this post (NOT your pictures, they're gorgeous!) but your funny words! You did great, the room is so colorful and cozy. I love the lights on the board, nice touch. I am so jealous of all of your tech! I think your raw room looks fantastic, can't wait to see more! :)

Pat's Paper Passion said...

I can hardly wait for Xmas lights to arrive in WalMart---should be soon...I love your lights on the bulletin board.

I just love sneaking peeks into everyone's rooms.

thanks for sharing


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Mrs. Corbitt said...

I think that your room looks great! I hope that you have a great year!!!

Amanda K. said...

Ya'll are so sweet!

LjP said...

Oh my word, what a lovely door! That red is just stunning!

Amanda K. said...

Ha Ha...Yes you did a wonderful job!

froggycupcakes said...

You're off to a great start!! :D