Sunday, May 22, 2011

Author Quotes

Image of Gary from Guts

Next year I plan on posting quotes from authors around the room. I want to introduce a quote from an author once a month. This is the one that inspired me! And eventhough next week is the last week, I feel as though my kids NEED to hear it!

Gary Paulsen:
   The most important part of writing is to read. I tell young people,
   "Read like a wolf eats, read when they tell you not to read, and read what they tell you not to read."
   If you read enough, ultimately when you sit down to write, that information is in your head and you can
   write...The rest is learning mechanics, which you can learn from reading too.


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Kelley said...

Masters of Disaster is hilarious! The boys in my class laughed out loud when they read it!

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