Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Little Sneak Peak

I don't know about ya'll but here in Tennessee those crazy cicadas are back! The last time they came out I was 13. To me this is a great teaching experience. (Especially when it's the last two weeks of school.) My kids have not stopped talking about them, or....bringing dead ones in to show me. I'm taking advantage of their fascination by doing a mini unit. Here are the two sheets I'll be using on Monday. I thought I'd share sooner than later just in case ya'll need something to do to grab their attention the last few days.  I will try to post more activities and pictures Monday-Tuesday.

Post your email in the comments box if you want me to email you the powerpoint I made. ( I can't send it until Monday morning though.)

Cicada Writing

 New Learning about Cicadas


Ashleigh said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you thought of this. I live about 5 minutes away from TN, and we are covered with cicadas. I have so many students who are obsessed with bugs this year, so they are going to love this! My email address is

Amanda K. said...

Ashleigh, I will email you the powerpoint on Monday morning. It has basic information about their life cycle, a video of one coming out of its nymph's shell, and links to sound clips.

Julie said...

I'm not so good with bugs so better you than me!! :) Way to make it a learning experience! You rock!

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Amanda K. said...

OHHH...I'm not good with bugs. I'm just pretending, so that I model "trying" new things.