Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cicada Unit is Finished!

Here are some pictures of our research on cicadas. We also took a little field trip (outside our classroom) to observe some nymphs falling from the trees and digging down in the ground. I really wish I had my flip camera to film that! (I HATE big bugs, but this was very amazing!)

First we made predictions about why we think the cicadas stay underground for soooo long! (13-17 years).

Then we discussed what we already knew about cicadas and any questions we had.
We made a chart listing all of our new knowledge.

The kids wrote what they thought was most important or interesting on their graphic organizer.
This afternoon we wrote from the perspective of the cicada nymph living underground for 13 years. I told them they had to explain what they were going to do to pass the time. I forgot to take pictures, and I wish I had remembered. They were hilarious!

Well...THANK goodness I am finished with this mini-unit. They had fun, and I wish they could be into other things like they were this!



Kristen said...

Amanda, I loved reading about this unit!! I wish we had cicadas around here (though on second thought, maybe not, they look enormous!). Anyhow, I thought it was so cool how you did this with your class :)

Amanda K. said...

They are ginormous! One flew up my pant leg the other day, and I about died. I just knew it was a small bat! (getting chills thinking about it) B-U-T the kids had a blast which made it kinda' fun for me.
Thanks :)

Mrs. B said...

This unit sounded like so much fun!! I had no idea they stayed underground for 13 years... learn something new every day, haha!! ;)You can hear them around here (I'm in Texas) at times, but I never see them. I wish I could do something like this with my kids - they would just eat it up!! :)

Rachelle said...

How cute! I'm not sure I want that bug around me either! :) Love your blog! :) Just added it to our blog roll!