Thursday, April 28, 2011

Classroom Management Linky Party!

The wonderful Kelley Randall over at Mrs. Randalls's Learning Library is having a linky party! I'm out of school today due to yesterday's severe weather and flooding. (Now we have to make up 2 days...) ANYWAYS...

My Behavior Management System:
I use the ticket system. Each child is given one ticket each morning. The students write their initials on the back...with a crayon. I have had a couple of students steal tickets and erase the original owner's name.They keep their tickets in what I call their Zippies. (Because its cute to say.)

As the day goes on the kiddos can gain or lose tickets based on behavior,effort, or lack of homework. I always keep a handful of tickets in my pocket too for hallway behavior. One of my favorite things to do is catch that one kid doing EXACTLY what they are suppose to be doing while EVERYONE else is off task or not following directions quickly. I hold out that HUGE roll of tickets and just spin off a TON! Ripping off 20 or so tickets in front of everyone...jaws dropping...makes a hugh impact!

I used to let them shop at our class store with their tickets every week, but oh my that got to be too much work. Now I only do it every six weeks when they get their report cards. year I will be implementing Beth Newingham's Classroom Economy. My friend that teaches fourth implemented this this year. I love how they basically learn how to keep a checkbook. (Subtracting debits from total credits)

So link up with Mrs. Randall. I love seeing how other great teachers manage their classrooms!



Megan said...

Cute! We do "STAR Tickets" at our school. STAR = Students Thinking and Acting Responsible


I can send you the printable if you're interested.

Kelley said...

Amanda, I love this idea! I have thought about trying out Beth's economy system as well but I always worried that it would be too much for me to keep up with. I like how you limit your "cash in" to every 6 weeks. That is a great idea. Thanks for linking up and I LOVE reading your blog!

Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library

Amanda K. said...

Megan- yes please! I would love that printable!!!

Julie said...

Amanda I love this!! I already have the cute pouches and I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for next year! Now I know exactly what they will be for. I have a few co-workers who do the classroom economy and it seemed complicated. I give out tickets now to fill a classroom bucket and I think I can handle the switch over/ meshing of styles. Thanks!!

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Lorena said...

Love this idea. I'm glad it works, might even try it next year.

Little Treasures